The research activities of CHIMSLAB group are focused on the development of fast and non-destuctive analytical methods for the characterization of complex matrices, mainly in the field of food and agricultural sciences. In particular, the expertise of the laboratory includes:

  • implementation and application of chemometric algorithms for the fast characterization of chemical and visual properties of food and raw materials
  • product and process optimization by Design of Experiments
  • food characterization by NIR spectroscopy
  • digital image processing for colour quantification and for defect detection in food and raw materials
  • chemical mapping and early defect detection by hyperspectral imaging


  • FT-NIR Specrometer Bruker MPA (800 – 2600 nm)
  • NIR Hyperspectral Scanner (900 – 1700 nm)
  • Viavi MicroNIR OnSite-W (950 – 1650 nm)
  • Acquisition systems for RGB images
  • Software for the development and application of multivariate analysis algorithms (Matlab, PLS Toolbox, Modde, Minitab)